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2nd March 2024

The GDPS Awards

Premiering on the gdpshub youtube channel on march 2nd 2024 at 8pm GMT. First ever gdps awards hosted by us!

20th July 2023

Update 5.4

Many new changes here and there! We've redesigned many parts of the website globally, and redone some from scratch, like the Settings page, where we've gathered all GDPS and Profile options into a single page. Furthermore, we've translated the whole site to Russian and Spanish, added markdown support on descriptions, implemented a new user rating system based on likes and dislikes, favourites marking, more control over your account (deletion and password change), enabled the website as a PWA to install on PC and mobile and various (a lot really) fixes.

4th July 2023

Update 5.3.2

Simple fixes including:
- more XSS preventions
- fixed gdps deleting
- blocked comments
- removed deleted gdps from user
- much more!!

New Feature:
- GDPS Archiving

For whatever reason??? anyways this was a bugfix update to gdpshub and i can't update smth without having a feature added, so here you go lmao

8 October 2022

Update 5.3

Version 5.3 arrived, with new features, such as GDPS Switcher, GDPS Roulette and many other back-end features.

We also announce that we've got back with the development of the desktop client.

More information on our changelog.

21th August 2022

2nd Anniversary

Today we're celebrating two years of suffering and constant improvement, but in the end, the hard work has paid off!

This is also our opportunity to thank you all your amazing support for the project, still after being almost a year and a half inactive! (lol)

From the whole GDPS Hub Team, thanks.

30th August 2022

Initial release

GDPS Hub's finally released! (again)

Even though this is not our first release, this will be our best. We've worked and tested everything 'till its limits. With more than 10 months in development, enjoy this new version of the website!

We are aware there are some mobile visual issues, we can't really test every single phone on Earth, so for any bugs that you wanna report, contact us through our Discord server or at our mail.

17th April 2024

The GDPS of the year.

On April 17th, the entire gdps community witnessed the triumph of Xynel GDPS in the gdps awards. Becoming the first GDPS Hub GDPS of the year. The other winners of the awards have all received their special badge, and soon will have their own tab on the site!

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